Anti Corrosion VCI Paper

VCI papers utilize our proprietary VCI Nanotechnology and are essential to keeping your shipments, stored items, and in process metals protected and corrosion free for years.

Recommended Applications

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, iron, copper, brass, galvanized and zinc.

Aluminum, cadmium, nickel and their alloys should be evaluated in controlled testing conditions or in the usual method of handling as there are many variations of these metals. Not recommended for silver.

SRISAIPACK recommends testing your product’s compatibility with our VCI Paper in vapor phase and as a contact inhibitor.

Proper Storage

Material should be kept in original wrapping or the equivalent during storage of partial rolls or sheets (overnight, weekends, and holidays). Classified as a thirty six month minimum inhibitor protection when properly protected inside dry storage areas.

CAUTION: Always wash hands thoroughly after handling this product and before eating.

Protect your products with VCI Packaging from the packaging experts

Double Faced Anticorrosion Paper in Bangalore

Double Faced Anticorrosion Paper

Polythene Coated Anticorrosion Paper in Bangalore

Polythene Coated Anticorrosion Paper