ZP22-9C Battery Powered Strapping Tool

For professional and efficient strapping cycles, our convenient all-in-one strapping tool is hard to beat. It is driven by a rechargeable battery, has a superb ergonomic design that even allows one-handed operation. Suitable for plastic and polyester strapping, the portable strapping tool performs 3 functions: tensioning, sealing and cutting. This great pallet strapping tool makes the hand strapping process quicker and easier. It caters for strap widths of 9 &12mm, supplying a tension force of up to 2,400 N (depending on strap type), perfect for most applications – and no need for separate strapping equipment or metal seals.

This friction weld plastic strapping tool answers to the challenge for an efficient, ergonomic and convenient solution. No need for separate strapping equipment for tensioning, sealing, and cutting as the battery operated strapping tool does all three with only one button! It makes a suitable partner for polypropylene and polyester strapping with widths of 9 & 12mm.

Ideal for general strapping applications, this seal-free automatic strapping tool supplies up to 2,400 N tensioning force, depending on the package and the quality of the strapping. Plus it gives a professional finish to your packages that will impress your customers!

Used indoors or out as it is totally portable, the poly strapping tool is so comfortable that you can operate it with just a single hand. It makes strapping a breeze!


  1. “3 Year Warranty” on Brushless Motor and ECU ( Electronic Control Unit)
  2. Adjustable tension Max. 250 kg ( 2500N )
  3. The most economic combination tool for standard duty strapping.
  4. Automatic tension. Automatic friction weld sealing and cutting. No metal seals required.
  5. A protection shelter keeps tension & sealing adjustment knobs from undesired touch.
  6. Ergonomic design and excellent weight distribution reduce hand strength.
  7. Alloyed Magnesium Aluminum mechanism ensures light and durable structure.
  8. Easy “ One-Step “ straps inserting.
  9. User self-adjustable front & rear strap guiders to fit different strap widths.
  10. User changeable strap cutting blade and other wearing parts.
  11. 14.4V 3.0Ah Li-Ion high capacity rechargeable battery.
  12. BOSCH 30 minutes charger. Optional hanger reduces operation fatigue.
  13. Max. strap thickness 1.27mm ( 0.05”) is allowed. However, a changeover of blade( part no. 2885 ) is required.


  • Model: ZP22-9C-Li
  • Battery Charger Voltage: 230V/240V
  • Fits poly strap: PP/PET
  • Strap Width mm: 16 & 19
  • Strap Thickness: 0.75-1.27
  • Approx.Tension Range: 30-120 kg / 50-270 kg
  • Sealing Efficiency: 85+-5%

Remarks: Tension performance and Sealing efficiency varies based on strap specification, quality, setting and remaining battery power. Pre-testing before operation is required.