Biodegradable Bubble Wrap Rolls

Green biodegradable bubble wrap is the environmentally friendly cushion packaging. The special additive is included during production so the bubble film biodegrades within 12-24 month in land fill and the harmless resdue matter is simply absorbed into the ground. The high quality bubble film maximises air retention, providing long term cushion protection against shock and vibration. Our standard stock product is small bubble which has a bubble diameter of 10mm and 4mm in height. Large bubble and other roll heights are available upon request. Call our packaging specialists on 9945919846 to order yours and get next day delivery.

Environmental Information

Bubble Wrap Manufacturers in Bangalore

The long lasting cushioning performance of this bubble wrap enables it to be re-used. Less plastic material is used at source due to using a thinner co-extruded film compared to other non-barrier bubble. Less rolls to transport contributes to lowering your carbon footprint.


Air Bubble Roll Manufacturers in Bangalore

SRISAIPACK small bubble wrap is made from 2 layers of low density polyethylene with a co-extruded air retention barrier seal.