Cord Strap

For years, heavy industry has accepted steel strapping as a necessary evil and has tolerated its potential liabilities as an unavoidable risk. Now modern manufacturing methods coupled with the dramatic increase in the cost of steel have encouraged many companies to seek an economical alternative to steel strapping. The latest generation of super tough, high tensile PET cord strap, eliminates the "hidden costs" of steel banding - such as damaged products, injury, downtime, workmen's compensation, tooling and repair costs.

Cord strapping provides the same performance as steel strap, at a fraction of the cost. Recent studies have shown, that with a yield per roll three times that of steel, some companies are saving up to 78% by converting to polyester strapping. Also known as PET strapping (polyethylene terephthalate) it is as strong as steel but six times lighter. And with higher elongation and shock absorbance properties, will not lose its tension if the load contracts or expands. The standard 16mm strap width will provide a breaking strain of around 600kgs and is ideal for many heavy duty applications.