Double Notch Steel Strapping Sealer

This heavy duty steel strapping sealer is available in a size to suit the width of your strapping. These sealers have long handles with sleeve grips for strong leverage and a comfortable tight seal. Having tensioned the strapping with a tensioner tool, simply push a snap-on metal seal over the steel strapping. Sealer closes the metal seal firmly around the strapping and with its double notch action secures it tightly around your pallet, crate or case.

This economical steel strapping tool is suitable for heavy duty use and is an essential item for any warehouse. Ideal for export shipping and sealing steel strapping around plywood cases, bundles and heavy pallets. When ordering, choose 13mm, 16mm or 19mm model to suit the size of your steel strapping.

Order online or give us a call if you need advice. With over 40 years packaging experience, and a comprehensive range of stock strapping tools, we'll help you make the ideal choice.

Use with our Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioners and seal with our Snap-On Metal Seals.

  • Heavy duty strapping sealer for steel strapping.
  • Sealer tools available in 3 sizes.
  • Double notch action, for a tight secure seal.
  • Use with a tensioner tool for steel strapping and snap-on seals.
  • Seal steel strapping up to 19mm wide.
  • Ideal for heavy duty use.
  • Strap and secure large heavy cartons, crates and bundles.
  • Secure pallets and heavy duty export cases for professional presentation.
  • Big range of steel strapping, tools, strapping sealers and seals in stock.
  • Stock item, so no delay when you order a steel strapping sealer tool today.

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