EPE Foam Fitments

Our standard polyethylene foam fitments are designed to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten your products during transit. They are non-abrasive, moisture resistant, lightweight and flexible, making the packaging of your products a much simpler and speedier process. Your products will reach their destination undamaged in a clean, neat package.

Perfect Protection

Our EPE foam fitments offer the perfect packaging for sensitive products which are vulnerable to scratching or impacts. These kind of packagings are highly reliable, flexible and can be combined with any type of existing carriers like injection moulded bins, box pallets or metal racks. They also combine light weight with remarkable strenght and durability, thus providing an economical multi-trip packaging.


Our EPE foam fitments come in different forms and sizes, designed to meet your product’s requirements. All epe foam fitments combine optimum protection with high packaging density and perfect handling. Naturally all EPE packagings are 100% recyclable.

Automotive Parts

Because of its unique properties, EPP becomes the raw material of choice for more and more automotive parts, like head rests, crash pads, child seats, car bumper segments, etc. For automotive parts, we can offer you the complete package from design, prototyping and testing to series production. JIT delivery of these parts is only one of the many additional services we can offer.

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