Export Corrugated Box

From national to international exports, finding the perfect boxes for shipping your business supplies is something Sri Sai Pack takes seriously. That’s why we offer you a range of options, from palletized boxes, heavy duty cardboard boxes and foldable plywood export boxes to get your products from A to B.

For items that are staying in the India, our triple walled boxes are tough enough to see that your contents get there in good nick. When it comes to products that are destined for places further afield, plywood pallet and export boxes will endure the chaos that is rail, air, and sea transportation. Find out more about how corrugated cardboard is made, which offers maximum protection for your products.

All packaging products are delivered flat packed and are easily assembled. Plus, our next day delivery means you’ll receive your export boxes and pallets in a flash! Just take a look at our huge range of pallets and accessories that will keep your boxes for shipping all wrapped up, safe and sound.

Good for business, better for the environment

We know that keeping delivery costs low for a business of any size is a top priority. By only using high quality, 100% reusable materials in our export boxes and pallets – be it a double wall cardboard box or triple wall cardboard box – we can ensure that they survive more than just the one trip. Our environmental FAQs will tell you more about what you can do with your export boxes. Our boxes are sturdy, so rest assured that you can stack them and save on valuable storage space and transportation costs.

Not only are they 100% reusable but all our heavy duty cardboard boxes are completely recyclable and are, on average, made from at least 70% recycled materials. When you’re done, here is how to dispose of cardboard boxes properly.

Our packaging experts are on hand to help you find your perfect, reusable shipping box. In the meantime, visit our FAQs page for more help.

Safety always comes first

We’ve taken the stress away from shipping by using plywood for some of our large shipping boxes, which is not considered to be a phytosanitary issue. According to international regulations, this means that our large shipping boxes can be shipped to any destination and are stamped to show compliance with ISPM15 international export regulations. We’ve thought about it, so you don’t have to.

We take the safety and protection of your goods seriously, which is why we have a huge range of protective packaging for additional assurance that your items arrive in good shape. Here’s more on how to properly pack your items for further protection.

Protect Export Products With Our Sturdy Corrugated Export Boxes

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