Hand Held Tape Dispensers

Our hand held tape gun is tailor-made to dispense a range of self-adhesive tapes, and is particularly suitable for polypropylene, premium brown vinyl tape and other quick release tapes. The hand tape dispenser's built-in brake adjusts easily to accomodate tapes of varying unwinding speeds, letting you add extra tension for more secure bundling, reinforcing and sealing of your parcels.

Our hand tape dispensers come in 50mm and 75mm sizes and their comfortable grip makes it simple to seal even cardboard boxes with a smooth tape application. You'll find the packing tape dispenser invaluable when your shipping requires both secure packing and complete sealing.

Our packing tape gun is just the thing whether you need to seal your cartons and packages securely or pack up valuables when putting them into storage or moving house. This pistol grip tape dispenser saves you time and energy and you’ll manage your packaging tasks more easily thanks to its comfortable single hand grip fixture which releases tape quickly, easily and comfortably, rolling off and cutting in one quick movement. Our tape gun is an ideal solution for sealing flat-packed cardboard boxes.

Coming in two sizes, 50mm and 75mm, our tape dispensers work excellently with polypropylene tapes and a wide range of other self-adhesive tapes. The integral brake of our tape dispenser gun allows you to add tension for a tighter and more secure reinforcing, bundling or sealing of your parcels while producing smooth and clean cut tape applications.

Easy to load with new tapes, our hand held tape gun is durable and hard wearing, and its robust construction means it withstands knocks and shocks. You’ll wonder how you ever did without a tape gun.