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Sri Sai Pack deal in manufacturing safe mango boxes which keeps mango’s fresh and free from damage during transportation. Further, this Printed Mango Box can be availed from us in different sizes and designs at market leading prices which is moisture resistant and water proof in nature.

Mango is called “King of Fruits”. Mango is cultivated in India in 2300 Thousand Hectares producing 15 million tonnes of mango which is close to 40% of worlds mango production. That means, Half of the world’s mango is produced in India. Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharastra and UP is one of the main growers of the Mango. From March to July is the time for Mango Produce.

Lately, lot of Exporters from India has started exporting mango to other countries. Export of Mango has been so rewarding for them, it has fuelled its growth. Total Mango Export in Boxes in 2010 was close to 60 thousand tonnes. As the export has increased, demand for export quality mango boxes has also grown over the years.

Product Details: 3.5 Kg Die Cut 3PLy Mango Export Box | Size : 360 x 260 x 90 mm

This variety is medium in size, ovate oblique in shape and orange yellow in colour. The pulp is yellow to orange in colour. It is soft, firm and fibreless. It is a mid-season variety.
The flesh is firm to meaty, fibreless. Fruit is large in size and obliquely oval in shape. The colour of fruit is golden yellow. Good keeping quality and a mid season variety.
Fruit is large in size, ovate to oval oblique in shape and light yellow in colour. It is a late variety.
Fruit size is medium, shape is oblong to oblong-oblique and fruit colour is yellow. The pulp is firm and fibreless and a mid season variety.
Fruit is of medium size, ovate shape and lettuce green in colour.The lemon-yellow flesh is juicy and flavourful. It is scarcely fibrous, a mid season variety.
Fruit size is medium to large, shape is oblong with necked base and colour is golden yellow. Flesh is cadmium yellow and fibreless, a mid season variety.
Fruits are medium sized, flesh is sweet and fibreless. Colour is apricot yellow with red blush, an early season variety.

Source: Mango Export Data from APEDA

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