Mini Bubble Wrap Rolls

These 300mm mini bubble wrap rolls are ideal for low volume users or for use in confined areas such as a small post room or behind a pay point or check out in a retail environment. The bubble wrap has protective air-filled bubbles to cushion fragile products and to act as a shock absorber and prevent breakage.

This mini bubble wrap is lightweight and flexible not only making it ideal for wrapping or interleaving a variety of products but also reducing delivery costs. It conforms to shape of contents and no cutting is required; the wrap tears in a tidy, straight line.

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Environmental Information

Bubble Wrap Manufacturers in Bangalore

The long lasting cushioning performance of this bubble wrap enables it to be re-used. Less plastic material is used at source due to using a thinner co-extruded film compared to other non-barrier bubble. Less rolls to transport contributes to lowering your carbon footprint.


Air Bubble Roll Manufacturers in Bangalore

SRISAIPACK small bubble wrap is made from 2 layers of low density polyethylene with a co-extruded air retention barrier seal.