Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine 20 Kg

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Measure and dispense products with great accuracy and speed with SRISAIPACK line of net weight scales for low viscosity liquids. These versatile intelligent systems dispense liquids until a predetermined target weight is reached. Net weight filler systems dispense lubricants, syrups, chemicals, sauces, detergents, cosmetics, cooking oil, additives, and juices, and general use products among others. Users benefit from the increased production capacity, the dependability and ease of use, the reduced operational and material costs, and the compact all-in-one.


  • Complete high-precision semiautomatic net weighing system
  • Built for versatility: Capable of weighing and dispensing a wide variety of product types
  • Built for speed: Fast flow design for optimal product movement
  • Built for accuracy: Smart weight algorithm and quality weigh cells for precise product measurement

Machine Characteristics:

  • Dual-volume (high-low) liquid flow system
  • User-friendly numeric display HMI with membrane type panel
  • Areas in contact with product made of stainless steel
  • OMRON Brand Relays, TELEMECHANIQUE Brand ON/OFF Switch, AIRTAC Brand pneumatic components
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Tare function
  • Scale equipped with roller type conveyor

Other Specifications:

  • Gravity fed- fill system
  • Fill range: 5-20 Kg / 11 - 44 lbs
  • No-Drip Diving-type Nozzle (movement range +/- 75 mm)
  • Equipped with product overflow system for uniform fill levels
  • Filling Speed: 2 -6 cpm (depending of fill volume and product viscosity)
  • Adjustable piston height (0 -720 mm from conveyor)
  • Includes air regulator with air/water separator
  • Nozzle Outer Diameter +/- 30 mm Ø, Inner Diameter +/-21 mm Ø
  • Electrical: 220VAC/50-60Hz
  • Machine Dimensions: 1050 x 770 x 1300 mm H
  • Machine Weight: 200 Kg