Paper Packaging

Paper packaging has hundreds of uses from protecting goods in storage to packing products for postage. Sri Sai Pack offers a range of high-quality versatile paper packaging solutions for a variety of different uses.

Our high-quality corrugated cardboard rolls, made from 100% recycled cardboard are great for product separation or void fill, particularly for large volume products as it’s an incredible easy to use and economical product.

We supply a wide range of Kraft paper rolls and sheets, offering strength and durability and availability in a range of sizes. The Kraft Union Brown Bitumen paper can be used as a water-resistant barrier. We also offer recycled Kraft paper rolls as an eco-friendly and low-cost option and Waxed Kraft paper for a grease or oil resistant barrier.

Rust inhibitor paper, also known as anti-rust paper, provides reliable protection for metals against rust. Acting on contact and at a distance, this paper is safe for industrial packaging and indirect food contact applications.

White Acid Free Tissue paper is a fantastic solution for wrapping jewellery and delicate metals whilst our White Cap Tissue paper offers a coarser alternative for wrapping, filling and interleaving. Both items are recyclable.

Newspaper off cuts are a cost-effective solution for removals and wrapping fragile items.

Greaseproof paper is an ideal food wrapping solution. We can pre-cut into sections dependant on your exact needs.

Whatever you need to wrap – you’re bound to find the perfect solution at Sri Sai Pack.

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