Polyester Strapping

Extruded polyester is a modern alternative to steel strapping. This strapping is ideal for all your heavier duty applications as it is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping. Extruded polyester strapping also comes with three times more on a reel than steel strapping making this a great value alternative. Choose from a range of manual tools for use with serrated seals, or use one of our friction welding tools to create the most secure seal. This extruded polyester strapping can also be used with strapping machines due to the cardboard core.

The elastic properties of this strapping mean that it can conform to awkward shapes without danger of loss of strength. Extruded polyester strapping has such a high flexibility that it can retract to the size and shape of your product after tensioning, and retain its elasticity to ensure bundles remain secure, regardless of shrinkage or movement. Choose from a range of widths and strengths to suit your exact needs.

The supple polyester fibres of this extruded strapping will not scratch, rust or stain your packaging. The cardboard core is ideal for disposal and recycling along with other cardboard waste. Extruded polyester strapping is 100% recyclable when disposed of correctly. Extruded polyester strapping is also available on plastic reels.

Polyester Strapping - The Benefits

PET Strap
  • Heavy-grade polyester strapping is stronger than light grade steel strapping - but weighs significantly less.
  • Up to 30% higher impact resistance than light steel.
  • Polyester strapping retains its initial tension and elongates only 2% in prolonged storage, ensuring pallet stability and security.
  • Non-toxic, will not rust.
  • Extremely versatile with no sharp edges.

Polyester Strapping v Polypropylene And Steel

Polyester Strapping
  • Polyester strap does not stretch under load as much as polypropylene strap.
  • Polyester strap does not degrade under sunlight as rapidly as polypropylene.
  • Polyester can now be used on heavier packs - such as house bricks - traditionally strapped with steel in the past.

Choose Sri Sai Pack For Polyester Strapping

Unlike most strapping suppliers, Sri Sai Pack has at least 25 years' experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality, reliable strapping machines. So we know precisely which strap will best suit your applications and your machines - strap grade recommendations form an essential part of our India-wide strapping machine maintenance and support packages.

Polyester Strapping

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