Shrink Wrap Film

The Packaging industry has seen many changes over the years, one most notable is the durability and usability of Shrink Films. Whether you pack advent calendars or cans of cola, Shrink Wrap Films give you the best coverage from a varied array of shrink film types.

We stock every single available type, and if you're green conscious we can supply recyclable materials/films to accommodate. All of our shrink wrap films are held on site, and we can ship to you direct, buying in bulk also saves you time and money.

What can i use shrink wrap films for

Shrink wrapping film can be used for:

  • Over wrapping cartons, cans boxes and even pallet loads. This enables the product to be more robust for protection during movement.
  • Enhancing the products. A glossy clear film is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Covering the food products like meat, cheese and providing tamper evidence.
  • Creating multi packs.

Shrink wrapping film is supplied in different forms to suit the required applications. On sleeve wrappers is mainly for distribution purposes and is very strong but will give a wrap that may not be fully enclosed.

Another way is centrefolded Shrink Film, in which the shrinkwrapping film is converted onto the roll and then it is folded in half. When you first start a reel of shrink film you make an initial seal along the end and then you have a pocket to put your product in and then seal with an L shaped sealer. This way will give you a full enclosed and tamper evident pack.

Above all else, by shrink wrapping your products you keep them clean during transportation, and final delivery to your customers. Need more help? See a L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel in action below, then give us a call when you're ready. Don't forget, we're here to help with all your Shrink wrapping requirements, whether you need help with your first machine, or need a discount on some bulk buy shrink wrap films.

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