Standard Steel Strapping Tensioner

This excellent value standard tensioner tool for steel strapping is ideal for use with metal strapping up to 19mm wide. Suitable for standard light to medium use, this steel strapping tensioner has a simple handle operation and is designed to work on flat surfaces, so it is ideal for securing heavy pallets and crates.

Simply feed through the strapping - tensioner tools pulls the strapping tighter when the handle is operated, ready for securing with a strapping sealer. Can be used horizontally or vertically. This steel strapping tensioner tool features high quality castings, heavy duty feedwheels and adjustable clutch plug, with precision fit and heat treatment on all parts.

Great value hand operated steel strapping tool!

  • Standard strapping tensioner tool for light to medium use.
  • Use with steel strapping up to 19mm wide.
  • Easy to use - hand operated.
  • Steel strapping tensioner sits firmly on a flat surface for stable operatio.
  • Ideal for strapping pallets, crates etc.
  • Use in conjunction with sealer tool and metal seals.
  • Stock item - no delay to your order.
  • Huge range of steel strapping tools to buy online.
  • Low cost tensioner tool for steel strapping.

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