Wire Mesh Conveyors

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Wire mesh conveyors come in wide range of types, from wide-gap ‘enrober’ or honeycombe belts, to tightly-knit chain belts that look almost like medieval chainmail. Both allow air (or liquids) to circulate around the products being conveyed, and hence can be used to ‘drain’ products, or to warm/cool them in transit. Wire Mesh conveyors are lighter-duty than their chain-mesh counterparts, and make a very cost-effective solution where the products being conveyed are relatively light.

Notes and Specifications

Wire Mesh Conveyors are manufactured from mild steel construction side frames and adjustable support stands height. Conveyor wire mesh belting driven by means of shaft mounted geared motor unit, belt driven by sprockets keyed to main drive shaft. Underneath the conveyor belt wear strips are fitted to guide and support the belt. Stop/Start controls as standard but we also do variable speed control.

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