Corded Strapping

Corded polyester strapping is manufactured by gluing together polyester filaments giving it extra strength. Despite its strength and high breaking strains, this corded strapping remains six times lighter than steel strapping, making it a warehouse essential. Corded polyester strapping will not rust or rot nor mark or scratch product surfaces.

Use this strapping when securing heavy pallets, containers or for bundling industrial items. Corded strapping is very easy to use and tension thanks to our range of corded strapping tensioners and steel buckles. The steel buckles also allow the strapping to be re-tensioned, should the pallet load need altering. No special tools are required to cut corded polyester strapping, simply cut with scissors. For extra safety, the strapping ends can be split in two and knotted after the buckle has been fastened.

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Cord Strap

Corded polyester strapping, also known as cord strap, is as strong as steel but only a fraction of the weight. Corded Polyester is also one of the newest, most innovative strapping materials and is often used for securing items on pallets for shipment or for bundling heavy items for storage.

  • Available Widths - 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 28mm
  • Available Lengths - 100m up to 1100m
  • Breaking Strain is Between 375kg and 2000kg
  • Secure with Phosphated Strapping Buckles
  • Tension with Strapping - Tension Tools

Benefits of Corded Polyester

  • Lighter than steel band and just as strong.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Corded Polyester is a soft material and therefore will not damage goods in transit.
  • Easily Discarded - Corded Polyester can be placed into ordinary rubbish bins.
  • If for some reason a forklift drives over discarded strap, it will not damage the tyres.
  • Can be secured with one tool operation.
  • Safe to use.
  • Corded Polyester will not recoil when cut under tension.

Properties of Corded Polyester Strapping

Corded Polyester Strapping, also known as Cord Strap, is made out of glued together polyester filaments which provide a high strength strapping system offering up to 1250kg of linear breaking strain. It is often a replacement for steel banding due to its significantly lower weight and ease of application.

Cord Strap is most often used for securing heavy pallets, containers or bulky industrial loads. Corded Polyester strapping is a strong and safe material used in a variety of industrial applications including securing compressed waste materials in baling machines, where the product is known as Balestrap. For Corded Polyester used in baling machines, please see our SRISAIPACK Bale Strapping options.

To Consider

Corded polyester is a relatively soft material and therefore can be cut by sharp objects. For applications with sharp edges, it is not recommended that Corded Polyester is used without corner protectors as the secured item may damage and even cut through the strap.

Corded Strapping

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