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Euro containers are a versatile storage box, sometimes called a Eurobox or Euro bins. They are used for storage and product movement including goods-in, through manufacturing and storage, right through to dispatch at the far end. Euro Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. Whether you’re looking for euro stacking containers, euro containers with lids, euro picking bins or even accessories for your euro containers, here at SRISAIPACK, we have the best industrial storage containers to improve the usability of your workspace.

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Euro stacking containers, or stackable euro containers, are a type of versatile storage tray made of plastic that are also available with lids. These industrial storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20-litre variety up to huge 172-litre versions and more. The addition of euro container lids means they can be secured and covered. Eurocontainers also stack on top of each other making them easy to store and transport. 

Additionally, the introduction of handles at both ends makes for easy and efficient transit and manual handling. Once you have stored goods with the storage trays, you can use a Euro container dolly to move the full containers with ease. Euro containers are used worldwide, come in standard sizes and are useful in a variety of situations. A Eurobox is made from recycled plastic and is sturdy and hard wearing, and you can also find them in a variety of colours for large orders. The plastic used in our Euro containers is acid and alkaline resistant, while each container is also  light, durable and compatible with Euro stacking containers worldwide.


We can now offer ESD Euro containers, with or without lids, for clients who require ESD protection from their plastic boxes.

Aimed primarily at the electronics industries, these ESD Euro containers are built to the same exacting footprint of our industry-leading, lattice-bottomed Euro containers (the strongest Euro containers on the market). Plus, they offer additional safety for electronic devices, in that they alleviate electrostatic discharge, safeguarding easily harmed fragile electronic devices inside.

To speak to anyone about our new Euro storage boxes, or indeed about any of your plastic box needs then please call us on 0800 294 4 394 or chat online. Our experts in storage will be happy to talk you through our complete range of lidded, ESD or open Euro containers to help you get the plastic box that suits your exacting needs.

How Versatile Are SRISAIPACK's Euro Containers?

When you look at the normally grey storage boxes, commonly called Euro Containers or Euro Stacking Containers, they don't look like the most exciting thing in the world. But below their greyish exterior, these versatile storage boxes contain a plethora of uses.

First up, SRISAIPACK's eurocontainers are strong, REALLY, VERY STRONG. They have a latticed bottom, which means they can carry a huge amount of weight in comparison to their size. Secondly, they stack and cross stack. That means you can load them up on box shifters, pallets etc, many times their own height. Additionally, when you're shifting pallets worth of them, because of their cross stacking ability these Euro Containers add rigidity to the stack. They come with a groove in the bottom that fits perfectly into the top of the one below it, meaning the solidity of the stack is actually enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

Thirdly, they can come with hinged lids, meaning your Euro containers can be sealed shut and tamper evidence seals can easily be added. Additionally, even with their lids on, they STILL STACK on top of each other so multiple boxes can be moved at once.

Lastly, they are ideal for fitting onto racking and shelving. With a consistent height through precision manufacturing, these Euro containers easily slide out and into shelving. This makes them the ideal box for storage and automated systems.

Euro Containers really are the ultimate versatile storage and product handling box. Contact us today to order your Euro containers with lids.

Contact the SRISAIPACK team today for more information about our industrial storage boxes. Our fast, reliable service makes us the best Euro containers supplier.

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