Food Grade Polythene Bags

Sri Sai Pack high performance transit packaging is critical to keep food fresh and safe. We manufacture BRC approved AA polythene food grade bags and films for processors across India. We are experts in the design and production of transit packaging to protect and transport food and drinks. Our customised food grade polythene packaging meets the stringent hygiene demands expected by Indian food processing companies. And our polythene packaging meets all current food migration levels. From a small box liner to the largest of dolav liners, we make a huge range of bespoke products for food processing.

The introduction of Sri Sai Pack's food grade polythene bags and films are often critical to reducing potential contaminants. Plastic pallets, cores and interleaving slats are common requirements to meet the hygiene demands of many food processing companies. We work closely with customers like you to design food grade polythene packaging that aims to eliminate wood, tape and corrugated from the packaging you currently use.

We produce customised food packaging:

  • Any thickness from 15µm (micron) to 250µm
  • Any width from 350mm to 3,100mm
  • Any length
  • Any colour
  • All 100% recyclable

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