Packaging & Shipping Labels

Protecting your packaging in-transit is a high priority for any business. SRISAIPACK offers a range of shipping and packaging labels to help ensure every parcel you send arrives in perfect condition. Designed for easy use, our postage labels come with a permanent peel-and-stick adhesive that’s perfect for attaching to cartons and pallets. Made with high quality semi-gloss paper our mailing labels are durable enough to survive the knocks and bumps of postage. Printed with highly visible hazard warnings and handling instructions, you can easily send glass, china, or even cakes with clear instructions to couriers. So you can rest assured that your delicate and fragile goods will go from A to B in safely.

What type of label should I use?

As with any business decision, you should choose the right printed packaging labels that best suits your needs. Sending something that’s easily breakable would need a different label to something that’s potentially hazardous. At SRISAIPACK, we offer plenty of mailing stickers to help your business deliver to customers.

Breakable Products: Products like wine glasses are valuable but pose a higher risk of losing their quality during transit. Using one of our printed packaging labels, such as a commonly seen FRAGILE sticker, is an easy way to notify delivery companies that the contents need to be handled with care.

Products in the post: Our dedicated parcel and envelope labels are perfect for highlighting urgent an urgent or delicate item. Even if you’re sending important documents, like contracts, our ‘Do Not Bend’ and ‘Documents Enclosed’ labels are ideal for helping to ensure they reach their destination without a blemish.

Export: Protect products worldwide with a dedicated shipping label. Easy to apply and perfect for allowing quick identification of contents, these internationally recognized labels are ideal for instant communication on how each order should be handled.

Electrical & Liquids: If you’re regularly sending technology and electrical equipment to your customers, then our specialist anti-static, tilt-watch and hazard labels are the perfect notification to ensure products are transported safely.

The brand committed to you!

At SRISAIPACK, we have everything in one location to help make your business successful. Whether it’s packaging labels for boxes, high-quality cardboard boxes to carry your products in transit, or reliable packaging tape to ensure your boxes are sealed properly, we have all you need.

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Our Packaging Labels Will Help Identify Your Deliveries Quickly

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