Pallet Collars

Transform any standard shipping pallet into a pallet box of any height in seconds with PALLET COLLARS probably the most versatile product in the market for your packaging/storage/product display/transportation needs. It is a cost effective, standardized,  yet highly flexible returnable transport packaging system virtually for any industry from produce growers to automotive components suppliers.

These strong and durable wooden pallet collars and lids fit on standard pallets and are a great way of storing and dispatching goods. Each pallet collar is 195mm high and one stacks very simply and safely on the other, so you can build them to just the height you need.

They also reduce the risk of manual handling injuries, by allowing the sides of the container to be adjusted gradually as products are placed inside, thus eliminating the need to bend over high bin sides. Supplied with hinges on the corners, so they can fold flat when not in use, our euro pallet collars are also Heat Treated to meet phytosanitry regulations, making them an ideal choice for export. Please note that the 9mm thick plywood lids, also heat treated to meet ISPM15 standard and with batterns on the underside, are supplied separately.

Sizes available: 48x40” (for US size pallets) and 1200x800 mm (for EUR size pallets).

Pallet Collars save space. When not in use ‐ just fold them away. When collapsed, the volume is decreased by ~ 90%! Perfect for reverse logistics. Transport value, not air!

They are lightweight and easy to handle. 48”x40” collar weighs only 20 Lbs; made from planed solid timber boards 7.7” x 0.8” and galvanized steel hinges.

Strong, durable construction ‐ 4 hinges lock onto a pallet firmly.

They are versatile. Make a bin any height you need in seconds. Quite heavy bins can be stacked high on one other, thus saving on storage and transport costs use every m² to the maximum!

Environment friendly packaging. The timber comes from sustainably managed forests.

They prevent damage and spillage of goods and increase safety in warehouse environments.

They are a perfect platform for advertising ‐ print your logo on them and let your pallet collars circulate within your industry.

They are absolutely reusable. Any company (your customer or supplier) that uses standard pallets in their supply chain can use these collars (from specialized manufacturers to produce suppliers).

They have high second‐hand value. For the receiver of your packaging, pallet collars are not a cost (disposal, recycling, etc.) but a resource.

They improve health and working conditions. Build up the bin when filling it with goods/ produce; build down the bin when emptying it. No more bending over and into a high bin to reach the goods/ produce at the bottom, as with standard crates and boxes.

Our pallet collars meet phytosanitary regulations: are ISPM 15 compliant (HT, DB, KD) and therefore can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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