Pre-Stretch Film

This innovative pre-stretched film from Diversipack, makes wrapping pallets easier and more efficient. There is no need to stretch the film to get maximum load holding as the film has been pre-stretched. Operators will appreciate the ease with which film can be applied.

This high performance pre-stretched film is stretched at the point of manufacture and rolled into the core in its stretched state. The film contracts after it is applied to its original state before it was stretched, thus pulling the load tighter, improving load stability and provides excellent cost savings.

Pre-stretched film allows you to reduce waste, as the characteristics of the film mean that lost and broken ends (edge hang-up) are virtually eliminated and the film can be used to the very end of the roll.

For machine wrapping in particular, pre-stretched film makes full use of the material on the roll and thus yields per roll are better with less wear and tear on pallet wrapping machines.

Wrapping pallets can be a big cause of injury and pre-stretched film helps address many of the health & safety issues arising from applying conventional hand film. Pre-stretched film is also quicker to unroll and makes less noise than conventional blown film.

With the successful use of a prestretched material, overall the cost of wrapping pallets can be reduced by 30%.

Benefits of Pre-stretched Film

The innovative pre-stretched film from Rissah Pack makes wrapping pallets easier and more cost effective.

  • More pallets wrapped with less waste and less effort.
  • Stronger than conventional pallet wrap.
  • Reduces packaging waste by 40% against conventional film.
  • Manufactured with soft wind and oscillated edges for easy release from the roll.
  • Fully recyclable, addressing waste and environmental concerns.
  • Easy to apply giving you improved productivity.
  • Better performance with lower cost.
  • Available in a range of sizes.

Most hand-held stretch films need to be stretched at least 100 to 150 percent to make the film stiff enough to effectively hold a shifting load. In reality, operators rarely stretch film more than 50 percent during the wrap process. A nationwide evaluation of hand wrapping in real-life situations, found that the average person stretches hand wrap less than 15%.

Pre-stretched film is the company’s latest innovation. Its reinforced edges provide excellent load-holding force, tear resistance – and its superior puncture resistance holds corners better on C loads. Pre-stretched film's lightweight rolls and minimal neck down work together to reduce operator fatigue, allow maximum coverage and produce a better yield. The product’s superior clarity and aggressive cling is designed to perform well in a variety of environments including sub zero cold storage applications.