Vacuum Pouches

The largest supplier of vacuum pouches and packaging to the Indian food industry. We’ve been supplying vacuum packaging products to the India’s food and non-food industry since 2010.

Our range of vacuum pouches are ideal for use with our range of vacuum machines. Simply place your product inside one of these specially designed bags and insert them into the vacuum machine. Vacuum packing is a method in which the air is removed from the package prior to sealing.

The vacuum bags, also referred to as barrier packaging, are suitable for perishables. Manufactured from a co-extruded nylon/polyethylene material (7 layer PA/PE) which has several benefits including good protection against oxygen in the air, which can cause damage to products such as food and delicate metal parts. Preventing oxygen from entering a vacuum pouch is essential when vacuum packing goods, as it stops bacteria from corroding a product. The bags also offer high clarity, ideal for displaying items in retail environments, and are resistant to cold temperatures so they won’t release air when refrigerated. Vacuum pouches are the perfect solution when protecting products from dust, moisture and a variety of other external elements that may harm or damage.

Our vacuum pouches are 65 micron thick meaning the bags are burst resistance and reliable, and is the industry standard thickness for vacuum packaging. They are available in a range of sizes to suit small and medium sized products – check the effective seal width or chamber size of your vacuum machine to see which bags are most suited to your operation.

Vacuum Pouch Manufacturers in Bangalore

Features of Our Vacuum Pouches

  • Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness.
  • Cost efficiency vacuum pouches for food packaging.
  • Symmetrical - no curling vacuum pouches.
  • Ease of handling, lap (in/out) sealing possible.
  • Wide range of thicknesses and gas transmission levels.
  • Strength tailored to demands of the food package, optimal shelf-life for each product.
  • Excellent seal properties, high hot tack, sealing through wrinkles.
  • Faster throughput, less leakers, more profits.
  • Microwavable vacuum pouches, with grades suitable for boiling.
  • End-user convenience by way of cook-in feature.
  • Easy peel option
  • End-user convenience

Vacuum Pouch offers the following benefits:

Vacuum Packaging unique Flexi-bar allows the vacuum process of removing air from inside the bag to take place so that a vacuum is created. The sealing process is then initiated so that air cannot re-enter. The vacuum means the food tastes fresher and lasts longer then the food stored in conventional flexible bags because the food is not devoid of moisture and contains no potentially lurking pathogens.

Flexi-bar material and the vacuum process eliminates oxidation by stopping the flow of oxygen into the bag which causes deterioration in the food product. Eliminate oxygen and you eliminate oxidation.

Insect infestation occurs because microscopic sized eggs or larvae is present in the packaging when purchased or because the insects infiltrated the packages during storage. Vacuum packing eliminates the problem by removing the air from the interior of the bag and protecting the food with the air tight barrier and airtight seal. Insects, like all living organisms require air for life. When the air is removed from the environment which we store food, insects cannot survive. The protective air-barrier keeps the aroma inside the bag, so insects cannot recognise it as food.

Our vacuum pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

50 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

50 Micron Vacuum Pouches

65 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

65 Micron Vacuum Pouches

70 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

70 Micron Vacuum Pouches

80 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

80 Micron Vacuum Pouches

90 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

90 Micron Vacuum Pouches

110 Micron Vacuum Pouches in Bangalore

110 Micron Vacuum Pouches