Bottle Cardboard Boxes

At SRISAIPACK, we want every single product that your business sells, ships and stores to be protected. But some items – such as delicate bottles of wine and spirits – need special attention. Fortunately, we can offer you maximum protection when shipping glass in the mail with our high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes for wine. Read more about how corrugated cardboard is made and why it’s the best material to have for cardboard bottle boxes.

More choice, and maximum protection

Getting your bottles to their destination in perfect condition is as important to us as it is to you. So, whether a few gift boxes for wine bottles to send to colleagues is all you need or you’re shipping boxes for wine bottles to customers across the country, our range of bottle boxes can help minimise breakage. We also understand that – particularly for artisanal businesses like the wine industry - presentation says everything. So, impress your clients with the perfect bottle gift box using our bottle presentation boxes. Not only do these wine cardboard boxes look great, but they are sturdy too – the perfect way to gift one, two or three bottles to a valued client or even a special someone.

If you regularly need to ship or move a more substantial amount of bottles, we provide one-piece bottle boxes with integral dividers, ideal for wine merchants. The wine bottle gift boxes are easy to assemble and the dividers slot together seamlessly, which means the bottles won’t knock against each other during transit or storage, minimising the change of breakage and spillage.

If you’re wondering what to do with your boxes when you’re done with them, read our tips, or get more information in our environmental FAQs.

Extra protection integrated into cardboard bottle boxes

It goes without saying that glass is very fragile, and the nature of shipping and transportation can be unkind to delicate bottles. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond with our cardboard bottle boxes, so your items get to their destination safely. Our protective packing options include bottle mailing boxes with bubble liner, the latter of which securely wraps the bottle to reduce the chance of damage and breakage. And, if that wasn’t enough to ensure its safety, the box features “GLASS WITH CARE” in unmissable bold red font for the people handling your wine bottle boxes.

For a bottle box with even further protection, the AirPack Systems inflatable protective bottle packs reduce damage significantly thanks to the extra padding they provide. The pack includes single wall cardboard boxes with protective bags that are easy to inflate, moulding around the bottle as it inflates, ready to absorb any knocks for unparalleled protection. Our packaging experts are on hand to for guidance on how to package delicate items safely, or have a look at our FAQs for anything else you might need help with.

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