Document & Printer Boxes

It’s a fact of life and business that, even though a lot of our lives are now online, paper still plays a very necessary role. That’s why we have an incredible selection of ream boxes and printer boxes for your documents, paper and files to cover every business need you might have.

Designed with protection in mind, our range of sizes for single walled boxes are perfect for storage and everyday shipping. We also offer double wall boxes which are useful if you regularly ship bulkier items. Both the single and double wall boxes are made from tough corrugated cardboard, so they can easily handle long-term storage as well as any knocks and bumps that can occur during shipping. It can be handy to know how corrugated cardboard is made, not least because it provides an insight into how these boxes provide the protection that you need.

It doesn’t matter if your business is online, in store or operates from a warehouse – we have extensive options that cater to your every need. Our sizes range from A3 to A7, covering everything from printer reams and envelopes to business cards. Whichever size you need for your business, the right sized box can help reduce damage during shipping.

Time to call for reinforcements

If the nature of your business means your products need more protection than usual, our range of reinforced telescopic boxes will do the trick.

Our A5 reinforced telescopic boxes are the perfect example of what these ingenious boxes can really do. When constructed, the end walls offer up to triple wall strength for ultimate protection. Not just that, our telescopic boxes come with a solid board lid and base that you can adjust to suit the height of products you need to ship. To top it off, just like all our cardboard boxes, they come with next day delivery and are super simple to assemble.

Our reinforced telescopic boxes are available in the original cardboard brown but, if you’re after something with a sleek finish, our white telescopic boxes will send the right message to your customers. Tape and labels adhere seamlessly to both our white and brown telescopic boxes. Looking for more details or have special requirements? Call our packaging experts or browse our FAQs for more information.

Happy environment, happy people

Every SRISAIPACK cardboard printer box is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Have a read of our environmental FAQs for more information on our process. Whether you’re storing paper or shipping it to clients, our environmental policy means you can be certain our boxes are made from at least 70% recycled material. In case you end up with lots of used cardboard boxes lying around, we’ve put together a few useful articles on how to dispose of cardboard boxes and what to do with cardboard boxes once you’re finished with them.

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