Carpet Protection Film

The Sri Sai Pack carpet protection film ensures the preservation of carpets during construction, maintenance and refurbishment work. It is imperative to keep carpets free from unwanted paint, dirt, debris and damage to ensure a quality finish for customers.

The Sri Sai Pack carpet protection film is manufactured from a strong polyethylene plastic and has a low tack solvent adhesive backing. It is reverse wound to the outermost side allowing the film to be easily applied to the floor. The adhesive backing means that the carpet protection film is safer to use than traditional dust sheets as it reduces the risk of trip hazards.

  • Quick, effective self-adhesive carpet protection film
  • Reverse wound with low tack adhesive
  • Easy application, no need for taping
  • Apply by simply “kicking” the roll out across the floor
  • Lightweight, manageable rolls
  • Widths available: 600mm, 1200mm
  • Lengths available: 100m, 250m, 500m, 1000m

It can be very costly for paint contractors and decorators when surfaces are not properly protected during refurbishment work. Unwanted damage may result in the work having to be redone or the cost of paying for damaged items to be replaced.

Dust sheets are often used to protect carpets but they are a trip hazard and wont prevent spillages from soaking through to the carpet. The Sri Sai Pack self adhesive carpet protector is a durable solution to protecting carpets from light maintenance debris and can withstand medium levels of footfall traffic and is puncture resistant to the placement of ladders and other medium weight tools.

The low tack carpet protection film sticks to most carpet types without the need for taping and will not shift after being applied. The plastic carpet protector roll is easy to sweep or vacuum prior to removal to avoid the spread of dirt. After use, it can be peeled away and will not leave any residue, which is a common problem with poor quality films.

It is advised that any self-adhesive plastic floor covering is left down for a maximum of 4 weeks before being replaced if needed. It is recommended to test the product on a small area of the floor surface before applying.

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