Disposable Plates and Bowls

One of the most essential aspects of hosting a large catering event is the sheer amount of tableware that is needed, particularly at large outdoor affairs. For all catering professionals looking to adequately equip themselves, disposable tableware is often the best option.

Today, there is a large range suited to any size event and able to be used for any occasion. Whether looking for the perfect solution at the height of the summer, or catering for a more intimate and elegant evening celebration, there will be something more than adequate.

Plates and Bowls

When it comes to disposable tableware, most caterers immediately think of their plates and bowls. The most basic aspect of event catering for customers to place their food on, it is now possible to find a rich and varied range of disposable bowls and plates.

Today, they can be found made from a whole host of materials, from paper, card and foam, to more eco-friendly materials. For events where a more elegant and refined solution is needed, it is also possible to find laminated ranges, adding a touch more style.


Just as important as providing your customers something suitable to eat off is ensuring they can eat with the right tools. Fortunately, disposable tableware also includes many cutlery options.

From the most basic and affordable plastic knives, spoons and forks, to fully biodegradable green solutions, there will be something to suit. Many sets are also available in a variety of colours and styles, so each event can be hosted in just the right way.

Cups and Glassware

Completing the basic disposable tableware options, there is also a large range of drinks holders available These range from containers for hot drinks, with insulated and corrugated walls, to a great many disposable glassware options.

These can include branded cups for many popular drinks, while wine glasses, champagne flutes and other polypropylene glassware is available. With environmentally friendly options and basic plastic cups also in good supply, drinks can always be served in the most appropriate way.

Other Disposable Tableware Options

To complete event hosting to the best possible level, the use of other disposable tableware options can really help a great deal. For example, through the use of foil or plastic serving platters, customers can see and select their food perfectly. With napkins and tablecloths also fully disposable, both a good looking and easy to clean display can be achieved by all.

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