Dunnage Air Bags

Most in-transit cargo damages is caused by displacement & impacts when the cargoes are not secured properly.

Eflute dunnage air bag can protect cargoes effectively during most types of transportation via filling voids, bracing cargoes, absorbing vibration, avoiding cargoes sliding & impacts.

Enjoyed with protecting cargoes effectively, lowering logistics cost substantially, easy handling, raising efficiency etc., Dunnage Air Bags has been widely used as padding material & securing products, supplying reliable protection on in-transit cargoes to avoid cargoes damages which could be occured anywhere, anytime.

The dunnage bags that we provide are made up of two layers; the inner one made with polythene bladder and the outer one made up of kraft/woven polypropylene. This two layering gives immense strength to our bags and enables them to hold anything for a longer time without any breakage. The nipple valve that is made with reusable polyethylene is sealed with heat onto the bladder that enables it to inflate and even deflate easily. There is an inflator chuck that is customized accordingly enables easy inflation when connected to a compressed air line. The plastic that we use in the manufacturing of our bags is easily recyclable and reusable. They have a standard width that is 90 cm and the length may change according to your preference like 120/180/220cm.

Why do you need Dunnage Bags?

More than 10% of all containerized goods are discarded by cargo damaged during Goods-In-Transit. Millions of Dollars are loss due to Dispute and Claim. It even jeopardies your Credibility. Dunnage Bags are able to be prohibtiting damage during transportation.

What is a dunnage bag?

A Dunnage Bag consists of a plastic inner bag with an inflation valve and a multiple wrapping of Kraft paper. A secure situation is created when a dunnage bag , with the right size and on the right location placed between the cargo , is inflated with air. The cargo cannot move within the transport boundary (container , etc),thus prohibiting damage during transportation. Therefore your goods will be protected from the moment they are loaded until the moment they arrive at their destination.

Applications – Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage bags can be used to brace and cushion many types of cargo loads. They can be used alone or in combination with woven strappings & lashings to secure the cargo loads from shifting during transportation.

Just remember that the bag can be installed in many configurations:
a) Lengthwise
b) Crosswise
c) At the centre between 2 cargo loads
d) At the sides between the cargo loads and the container walls
e) At the top between the cargo loads and the container roof.