Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage air bags are designed and built for your convenience, with a wide variety of sizes and strengths to meet your shipping requirements. The trapped air inside these lightweight, yet strong and durable Dunnage air bags provides cushion to protect your load from shift, shock, and vibration. Various Sizes of Dunnage air bags for filling those spaces between loads to secure them and reduce damage in transit. Remember you'll still need a compressor to pump these up.

Key Features

  • Quick to inflate and install with compressed air
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Cost Effective
  • Recyclable
  • Can deflate in seconds
  • Fixed connection at valve
  • Excellent stability
  • Safe to handle


  • Secure heavy cargo, coils, barrels, cases and crates
  • Long Distance Trucks
  • Trains
  • International freight ships

A new use for Dunnage Airbags

Traditionally, Dunnage Bags have been used for filling the void between pallets in transit, thus securing them in place and preventing product damage.

However, we have now on a number of occasions utilised them in combination with wooden pallet collars to create the ultimate product protection for products within a crate. The ability to match dunnage air bags to a void makes them instrumental in the construction and implementation of product protection, either in ships' holds or trucking containers.

In two examples recently, one from a pump company and one from a precision engineering firm, we've created the crate around the product with our Wooden Pallet Collars and then, to fill the void between the product and sides of the crate, we've utilised SRISAIPACK's Dunnage Air Bags.

These bags have held the products securely and safely, decreasing the likelihood of the products taking any damage in transit. So far, feedback has been superb. The sturdiness of the pallet collars combined with the flexibility of the air bags has gone down a storm and we think that there are more applications similar to this out there for these fantastic products.

Dunnage Bags – A Solution to an Age Old Problem

In the past, there has been issue with what to do with traditional dunnage – often loose wood or heavy materials – upon arrival at the destination. Sometimes the dunnage cannot be offloaded due to customs duties on imported timber or materials, other times quarantine rules restrict the movement of dunnage from ship to shore. As a result, unwanted dunnage is often jettisoned overboard and adds to the local area’s driftwood problem. This can cause damage to the natural ecosystem and, if allowed to build up, have serious impact on the local community.

Dunnage bags mitigate some of this issue. Thanks to the fact that they can be deflated and reused, once products have arrived at their intended (or even unintended) destination, they can be deflated and stored. This means that they take up less space, reducing the issue of unwanted dunnage. This in turn reduces the desire for the ship’s captain to jettison unwanted, space-consuming, heavy dunnage. It is these seemingly small improvements in the transportation industry that make large knock-on impacts to operational costs, as well as helping reduce environmental impact in an industry notorious for waste and environmental damage.

Before using a dunnage bag, a number of variables need to be considered:

  • What is the void size?
  • What is the height of the cargo?
  • What type of cargo are you transporting?

All of our bags are available in a wide variety of sizes and all of our bags are fitted with our Mega Flow Valve. Total Pack Load Secure will work with individual customers to recommed the right dunnage bag solution.

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