Plastic Edge Protector

Our plastic strapping edge protectors protect the edges of boxes especially when using polypropylene strapping on your packaging. Designed to avoid carton damage, the poly strapping edge protectors can withstand maximum strap tension so are particularly useful when strapping palletised loads.

The tough black plastic edge protectors work well with all machine and hand plastic strapping. Simply place the strapping over the edge protector, and its precast channel with plastic stays will keep the strapping in place.

Our strapping edge protectors are made of durable plastic ensuring their toughness and protective feature. They can be used again and they are completely recyclable. Simple to fit, the black plastic edge protectors give a professional finish to your loads and are perfect for shipping goods abroad as they offer superior protection from tight polypropylene strapping which might damage both the packaging and the goods inside with indentation.

Especially useful when securing parcels or pallets with polypropylene strapping, our plastic strapping edge protectors are very easy to use as you just place them on the edges of cardboard boxes or cartons. You then ensure that the poly or plastic strapping is placed over the edge protectors.

Our durable strapping edge protectors are vital accessories in your strapping equipment.