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Browse a wide array of pallet strapping products at SRISAIPACK. With a plenty of pallet strapping equipment and strapping tools and parts to ensure your items arrive safely at their destination. Whether you’re transporting your products on the road or putting them into storage, you want reassurance that the strapping you’ve used won’t let you down. With a vast range of products, you can find the right one to suit your needs. It’s the perfect solution for sending and storing bulky and heavy items, where you need something stronger than normal packaging tape for a secure fit. From industrial strapping products to accessories to make your life easier – SRISAIPACK has what you need all in one location.

Utilising strapping in your business can also save you both time and money as well. With the right system in place, you can fasten together everything from standard size cartons to large export boxes and pallets, so that it’s considered one parcel. That means you can reduce your shipping costs greatly when you’re sending packages to a single destination.

How is it used?

With one our plastic strapping kits at your workplace, you can easily apply it to almost any package size. Once a cardboard box has been sealed with your standard packaging tape, even if it is a sturdy box, you can use strapping with it to ensure it’s fully secured. It wraps all the way around the parcel, and the join is bonded, or welded, together to provide a strong seal that is difficult to be broken.

There are numerous ways to apply strapping to your packages, the most cost-effective of which are strapping tools. The first step, if you’re using manual strapping tools, is to tension the strapping, then seal it with a dedicated sealing tool. For a more secure fastening, we stock a variety of seals and buckles. Using strapping tools and tensioners, we can help you increase productivity and save time.

At SRISAIPACK, you can get everything you need to strap and secure pallets. That includes polypropylene strapping for pallet loads, or various options for heavy duty ones. With steel strapping that is designed for bulkier products, or corded and extruded polyester strapping that acts as a cost effective alternative. And because our collection includes both hand and machine strapping, you can choose the system that best suits your business.

What’s the right choice for my business?

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself when choosing the right strapping for your business. Most of these questions revolve around the package itself. For instance, you need to choose stronger products for bulkier loads, like extruded polyester strapping. Or if you’re storing rigid edges, like steel or concrete, steel strapping would be the better choice. If you are strapping pallets and boxes at a high volume, you may want to consider investing in a strapping machine to save yourself time.

You can count on us!

Our strapping comes with a quality guarantee, alongside in-house packaging experts who can help you get the best product for every purpose. If you want some more information, why not check out our blog on what strapping is, so you can become more informed on the different product types.

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