Automatic Strapping Machine

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Hands free securing of parcels with automatic tension, sealing and cutting of polypropylene strapping. Tension is set by user and depends on product being strapped. Best suited for regular, everyday use where products/ packages being strapped can vary in shape and weight and may require one or more straps, also ideal for bundling together packages for shipment.

Operation is either by foot pedal or parcel sensor making this machine ideal for volume throughput and production line environments. Waist height quick coil change and high level control panel. Adjustable table height.

Please call our Machine Specialist on 9845414712 to discuss your requirements before you place your order.


  • Automatic Operation Ideal For High Production Output and Ease of Operation
  • Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training
  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Sealing method - Heat Seal with Temperature Sealing Control
  • Feed Length Control
  • Tension Controller
  • Main control panel with Main Power Switch, Power Indicator, E-Stop, Forward-Reverse Toggle, Cycle Selector Switch, and Pack Button
  • Strapping force: Up to 132 lbs
  • Equipped with Braking Casters
  • Cycle Actuation Through Electronic Pedal, Work Table Pressure Switch and/or Timer

Other Specifications:

  • Machine Size: 55 inches (W) x 24 1/2 inches (D) x 58 inches (H)
  • Work Table Height: 30 inches
  • Interior Arch Dimensions: 33 inches (W) x 24 inches (H)
  • Boxed Dimensions: 43 inches (W) x 25 inches (D) x 58 1/2 inches (H)
  • Weight with shipping crate: 531 lbs.
  • Voltage: 220v / 1PH