Automatic Strapping Machine

Providing the solution to your high volume strapping needs, our automatic strapping machine is reliable, fast and consistent. Capable of 20-30 cycles per minute, our strapping machine increases your productivity while ensuring uniform strap placement. Use it for strapping single to multiple packages, and save your time thanks to increased productivity and your money in carrier costs.

With easy strap loading and a heater that warms up quickly, our cost-effective automatic strapping machine is user-friendly and perfect for all box sizes. It ensures load integrity and is suitable for straps with 9-12mm width.

Our automatic strapping machine, is both user-friendly and reliable, and provides an efficient and quick means to strap single or multiple items. It is the versatile and fast solution for strapping high volume bundles, boxes or warehouse packages of various sizes. Producing 20-30 strong straps per minute, our strapping machine will surely increase your production while cutting your postage costs when you bundle several items together.

Perfect for straps with 9-12mm width, our automatic strapping machine has easy strap loading and a heater that quickly warms up. Easy to operate with its state-of-the-art technology, our strapping machine produces straps that can be used as handles for your boxes so you don’t have to buy extra ones or make your own using glue or tape.

For strong and sturdy straps with easy application that ensures the integrity of loads, our automatic strapping machine will make the strapping process worry-free for you.